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Do we offer Legal Advice?

The Centre provides supports for self-representing client who wish to file an application in the Family Court. Our job is to ensure your documents meet the requirements of the Court to give you the best chance of success. Should you decide at any stage that you would like the extra support of a Family Lawyer, in any capacity, we shall organise a consultation for you with experienced family lawyers who we love working with.

What are the benefits of using The Centre?

Timing and Cost. We can have your intake appointment booked within a few days and have your paperwork completed and uploaded to the Family Court in a timely manner saving you much time and cost. Should you prefer legal advice with a Family Lawyers we can organise your initial consultation.

Do you have a client referral program?

We certainly do. Should you need further professional support from other professionals, such as Accountants, Mediators, Counsellors, Psychologists, Financial Advisers, Lawyers, Valuers and Mortgage Brokers we shall refer you to some of the best on the Gold Coast. You may not need further assistance, but it is on offer should you do.

What else does The Centre offer?

Sometimes party's need more information on other things that may affect your final agreement. We can put you on the right pathway to find all the information you may need when it comes to Super Splitting; Property Transfer Exemptions; Divorce Applications: Responses; Affidavits; Consent Orders and Parenting Agreements. Further, we are referral partners with highly experienced Mediators, Family Dispute Resolution professionals, Co-parenting Coaches and Step-Parenting Support.

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